soapstone pebble HOPE turquoise



This beautiful soapstone pebble is hand carved is Kisii, Western Kenya by Art Safi Self Help Group.
It is hand painted and the word FAITH is engraved by hand revealing the natural white colour of the stone beneath the paint.

It can be used as a paperweight.

Soapstone is a natural stone which is found in Western Kenya. It comes in 3 colours naturally; white, pink and grey. Natural and man made paints are used to colour the stone and all designs are etched on by hand using simple tools. As many as
8 people will work on one piece of stone before the carving is complete. Both men and women work in this Self Help Group which is based near Kisii where the stone is mined.

Please see our producer information on Art Safi Self Help Group for more detailed information about the soapstone producers.

sanding soapstone art safi self help group


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